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3 Types of hydraulic valves

In this article we are discussing the types of hydraulic valves. There are 3 types of hydraulic valves:

  1. Flow control valve
  2. Pressure control valve
  3. Direction control valve

Flow control valve

As the name suggests, the flow control valve is a valve that controls the flow of hydraulic fluid. Flow refers to a property of a fluid dealing with the velocity and does of the hydraulic fluid which enters the system of the working apparatus. It is mostly used in most of the hydraulic apparatus like piston-cylinder actuators and impellers. They help in regulating the speed of the components or actuators either to decrease or increase the speed and reduce the overall time taken to perform the specific function.

Scientific perspective to the usage refers to as the rate of energy transfer at a given pressure. They even determine the off and on the position of the hydraulic circuit. They are specially designed orifices with small outlet regulatory ports and simple in design. They can be seen in carburettors and some of the automated lines wherein hydraulic fluid is used as a driving force for actually and use piston-cylinder arrangements.

Pressure control valve

Similar to the flow control valve, pressure control valves determine the optimum Pressure required by the apparatus and allow only the required amount of hydraulic fluid at a confining pressure. Most of the times excess Pressure can lead to harmful accidents or failure of the apparatus, this it is an essential requirement in the hydraulic circuit or power plant. Most of the hydraulic plants are more inclined towards Pressure rather than flow as most of them are heavy loading based engines or machinery. There are several pressure control valves. Most common ones include Pressure regulating valves and pressure relief valves. These can be found in substantial hydraulic energy-based machinery. Pressure or m regulatory have some sensors which detect the summing of Pressure to be sent for actuation and so on., this involves less physical involvement and more of mechatronics. They play an essential role in regulating even the temperature and volume of the outlet fluid. They are mostly used in generation power plants for safety.

Direction control valves

Mainly deals with the direction control of the already existing fluid or the pressurized fluid, which is on the way to the actuator. It is used as a unidirectional valve, meaning fluid is sent in only one direction and cannot pass in the opposite direction, if it does, then it is sent back to the reservoir for reuse. They are of different types like 3/2 4/3 and 5/3 valves, and the numbers indicate the openings or position of the valves with their respective number of valves.

They contain a dumbbell-shaped kind of valve which is called a spool which has two bulged surfaces which help in aiding or assisting the fluid to flow in a given direction. They are mostly used in all generation plants wherein the outsider water has to flow only in one direction, or it might result in the puncture of the tube cavity failing the whole system.

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